• I specialize in building scalable cross-platform apps with Python, Javascript & Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Design.

  • Python

    Readable. Maintable. Popular. Python's large number of mature libraries let me create solutions for you faster.

  • Django

    Rapid web application development keeps productivity high and costs low.

  • Flask

    Rapid Python framework for problems where Django would be overkill.

  • jQuery

    Endlessly useful Javascript framework for front end development.


  • streamJoy.tv

    Abstracting Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime movie search. Built with a pure Python backend that interfaces with the TMDB, Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon API's, with web scraping to fill in the gaps.

    The data is stored in a Mongo database, and renders static html files with Jinja2 templates. Those static files are served with Nginx on an Ubuntu server.

    The search frontend is a Flask app that queries an ElasticSearch database.

    streamJoy was retired when Netflix closed it's public API

  • Maker Time

    Live asynchronously. This is a simple HTML and Javascript app that I translated from my original Python script.

  • LightFoot

    Hosted contact forms for static sites. This is a Flask app with data stored in a Mongo database.

    LightFoot has been retired